Volleyball: The Ultimate Workout | The Muscles Volleyball Works

Volleyball Workout:  Niagara Sport & Social Club is all about meeting new people and enjoying one of the best games on Earth. Getting in great shape is a bonus! Volleyball is a killer workout from head to toe—literally. Want to lose weight and look great, and have a lot of fun while doing it? Then this is the sport for you. From your shoulder blades to your ankles, volleyball tests your body’s will to keep moving, and you reap the benefits. Let’s cover why it’s the ultimate workout.

Whether you’re playing in the backyard with friends, on a secluded beach, or indoors with us (at our 40,000 square ft. facility!), volleyball requires a lot of physical effort and body motion. That puts your muscles and joints to test in the best way possible. Imagine spending hours in the gym and hitting every major muscle group while doing intense cardio—that’s the power of a volleyball workout. Here are just a few of the muscles that you’ll put to work during any game at any level (even beginner).


The heart is a muscle, isn’t it? When it comes to working out, cardio goes first and foremost in terms of volleyball. It could be beach or indoor, casual or competitive; it’s all a great cardio session. You’ll be running, jumping, sliding, and diving all over the court, moving every body part in harmony trying to make sure that ball doesn’t touch the ground on your side. In just a few weeks you can burn thousands of calories, improve flexibility, and get leaner, especially in the beginning phase.


Your legs are the foundation that your volleyball skills revolve around. They’ve got to be strong and sturdy or else you’ll have a hard time competing. All of your leg muscles will be at work throughout the contest, including your hamstrings, glutes, and calves. Even if you aren’t quick or explosive, your legs will have to exert a lot to keep you moving. The best part is underworked muscles that are rarely used in normal life are activated by a tough game, meaning they will catch up quickly to the rest of your body. Don’t play if you don’t want strong, toned legs!

Upper Body Muscles

The muscles in the upper body are what control the ball, so you’ll work numerous muscle groups throughout the contest. Any muscles that have been slacking will be whipped into shape

quickly. Here are just a few of the groups you will shred during the game:

  • Arms: Your biceps and forearms will be hard at work serving, setting, and spiking the ball into oblivion. The more you hit the ball, the stronger your arms will get.
  • Chest: Any time you strike the ball upward with force, your chest will be activated.
  • Shoulders: Playing volleyball requires a full range of motion, especially if you are spiking the ball. All of those arm movements put your shoulders to the test.
  • Back: The back is responsible for stabilizing your entire body throughout the match, so expect to work your upper and lower back quite a bit. Your lats will be screaming after a long Friday night with us!

You don’t have to be a pro player to get a professional-level workout. Any time you set foot on the court and play, volleyball puts your whole body to the test. If you’re ready for one of the best workouts of your life, then join us at Niagara Sport & Social. Just don’t complain when your body is sore the next day!