Adult Volleyball Academy

Our Adult Volleyball Academy is a volleyball group training program to develop and train players.

Each week a new skill will be introduced, then we train as a group to develop the skills to improve level of play.

Each group of a minimum of 6 players and unto a maximum of 12 players will be assigned a coach to train and guide the athletes thru the skills and developmental drills and game-like simulations.

Our goal is to continually work with and develop the player on a regular on-going basis to give the athlete the best opportunity to improve.

Best results will occur the longer the athlete remains in our training program.

We are looking for those who are dedicated and are committed to improving their level of play.

This is a monthly membership program that will be automatically renewed payment that will be charged on the first Friday before the start of each month.

Each Membership is only $75 per month! This includes 4 x 1 hour Sunday training sessions a month with Niagara Sport & Social Club coaching staff!

Invite friends and teammates to join!

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