Volleyball Clinics

Want To Improve Your Game?!  Our Volleyball Clinics will help all levels!

Our adult volleyball clinics are designed to help players of all abilities.   Players learn the basic fundamental movements, techniques, common terminologies and tactics required to becoming a better player.  While these skills will need to be refined with more repetitions and game play to become more automatic in play, players will leave the clinic with the knowledge on how to practice on their own to get better.  In addition to improving their skills, we hope that you will learn to be able to better understand the game.   Hence improving the players’ ability to error detect and correct your skills with the new knowledge that you have learned from the clinic in your own games.  Please bring friends or teammates – everyone is welcome to join in!  It’s never too late to learn something new!

About Our Volleyball Clinics

Clinics are also offered during the off season as well. Drills and instruction are aimed to help players who are interested in improving their skills and maybe even moving up to the next division offered (ex. moving from recreational division to the intermediate division). Players learn the essentials from some of the best coaches in the area. Therefore, improving their ability to help them better their all-around game. Clinics run in evening sessions on weekends.  Most of all, our clinics are designed to be productive & fun!

Private Lessons for Teams or Individuals

Upon request, we can also have private sessions for teams.  This private lessons are most noteworthy for teams who want to work on their game are our team training sessions.  In addition to improving  their skills, and strategy teams will train and develop offensive and defensive systems that they can use right away in their play.  A coach working one-on-one with teams, creates opportunities for players to learn more about the game, as well as technical skills and tactics. The private sessions are available for both indoor and beach volleyball upon request of teams registered with Niagara Sport & Social Club.

About Your Coach:  Kerby Bentley

Led Niagara College to its first ever OCAA Gold Medal Championship in 1999–2000.
Placed Fourth at the CCAA Men’s Volleyball National Championships.
Two-time West team All-Star.
Led the Niagara College Knights and OCAA on defence with 56 blocks.
Named Niagara College Male Rookie of the Year in 1997.
Recipient of the Niagara College Athlete of Distinction award.
CCAA Player of the Month in 1998. During the 1998–99 season in which he led the Knights in scoring.
Team MVP and Niagara College Male Athlete of the Year.
Presented with the first ever Niagara College Recognition Award.  Honouring graduating athletes for four years of outstanding contribution to their respective varsity team.

Coaching Record:

Head Coach of Niagara College Knights Men’s Volleyball Program in the Fall of 2002.
Record of  116 wins and 33 losses which includes OCAA and CCAA playoffs.
Three OCAA Gold Medals
Two OCAA Silver Medals
Five Consecutive Western Region Titles
Four Trips to the Canadian College Athletic Association National Championships
Placed 4th in Canada twice

Head Coach of Niagara College Women’s Volleyball program in Fall of 2005.
One OCAA Western Region title
Fourth place finish at the OCAA championships
Record of 48 wins and 37 losses.

Created two of the largest high school boys and girls volleyball tournaments in Ontario.   As a result, these tournaments introduced hundreds of students to Niagara College.  Coaching staff were exposed to the opportunity to identify prospective athletes for their programs.  In addition, the tournaments also served as fundraisers for Niagara’s varsity volleyball teams.  Niagara College awarded Kerby with the Coaching Excellence Award as a result of his outstanding contribution to recruitment and retention of students for Niagara College.  In 2009, Niagara College introduced the Niagara Champion Award.  Kerby was the first ever recipient of this award.