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Beach Volleyball vs Indoor Volleyball – What’s The Difference?

There are many differences between beach volleyball vs indoor volleyball. The main difference is obviously the court which the game is played on. At Niagara Sport & Social our main indoor court volleyball facility has excellent volleyball sport specific volleyball courts and top of the line equipment including nets, ref stands, antennae, and balls. Indoor…

Youth Beach VolleyballYouth Beach Volleyball

Youth Beach Volleyball

With the major growth of our indoor youth volleyball development program in the Niagara Region this past winter, we at Niagara Sport & Social have decided to extend the program into the beach season. Children and youth learned and developed numerous skills throughout the winter season through their club season, development programs, workouts, etc. However,…

Youth VolleyballYouth Volleyball

Youth Volleyball

At Niagara Sport & Social Club we offer a few different options for youth volleyball programs. We love running volleyball programs for kids in Niagara, and the surrounding area. This past fall we launched our indoor youth volleyball academy. We were proud to have gone from 8-50 kids within a few short weeks! Our program’s quick…

Spikeball LeagueSpikeball

Spikeball League

The newest league addition to Niagara Sport & Social is Spikeball. Spikeball is a fairly new sport and has really ‘spiked’ in popularity over the last few years. With a demand for a Spikeball league in the Niagara Region, we put our thinking caps on and created one specifically for you. We have all new…

Drop In VolleyballDrop In Volleyball

Drop In Volleyball Fridays

Drop In Volleyball takes place Friday evenings at Niagara Sport and Social Club’s 4-court indoor volleyball complex from 6pm – 11pm.   Cost is only $8 to play!  Arrive early as the place fills up with a wide range of volleyball talent!  These volleyball players skills and abilities range from the beginner recreational level player…

Volleyball Hitting PositionsVolleyball Hitting Positions

Volleyball Hitting Positions

Volleyball hitting positions and stereotypical player characteristics needed to play them. For those who are getting into the swing of volleyball – learning how to bump, set and spike – it might be helpful to learn each of the positions! Volleyball is a skillful and technically dense sport, and each position is usually better at…

Mens VolleyballMens Volleyball League

Mens Volleyball League – Competitive

The Niagara Sport & Social Club Mens Volleyball League is one of our most competitive, and popular leagues. The league consists of games that are best 3/5 on a weekly basis on Thursday evenings. The mens volleyball league offers two different divisions, there is a a range of skill levels which allows competitive volleyball players…

Tie Breaker ProceduresTie Breaker

Tie Breaker

Niagara Sport & Social Club’s – Volleyball Tie Breaker Procedures Follow this sequence: a. When two teams are tied, the tie breaker procedures are applied one after the other until the tie has been broken. b. When three or more teams are tied, the tie-breaker procedures are applied one after the other until all the…

The Social Benefits of SportThe Social Benefits of Sport

The Social Benefits of Sport

The social benefits of sport are many, especially in the sport of volleyball!  All of my strongest friendships have started on a volleyball court. After going away to University, I was nervous about coming back to Niagara, and needing to make new friends; as most of my old friends had moved away, and my university…

Volleyball TermsVolleyball Terms

Volleyball Terms

If you’re thinking about starting up a full-fletch volleyball career or perhaps hittin’ the FIVB circuit, it might be useful to learn some volleyball terms, tips, tricks, and lingo volleyball players use on the court. Whether you wanna be an aficionado or simply not a goon, here are some tips to help you fit in…

How To Meet Someone NewHow To Meet New People

How To Meet New People

How To Meet New People In Niagara! Plus Other Health Benefits of Volleyball Wonder how you can meet new people in Niagara?  Volleyball is not only a great way to meet new people and have a good time; the sport can also be beneficial to your health. An exciting social activity that can be played…

How To Play VolleyballHow To Play Volleyball

How To Play Volleyball

How To Play Volleyball:  Indoor Volleyball 101 Basic Beginner’s Guide (part 1) Are you looking for a fun and exciting way to meet people your own age in the Niagara Region? Does a sport that requires team play, conditioning, strength, and a sharp mind sound like fun to you? If so, joining an indoor volleyball…

Play VolleyballPlay Volleyball

Play Volleyball

Looking to play volleyball, but don’t have a full team to register with? You can register as an individual. Here is how individual registration works. How do I register?  Select the night of the week that you would like to play. Select individual registration. Fill out your information to sign a waiver and pay for…

Womens Indoor Volleyball LeagueWomens Indoor Volleyball

Womens Indoor Volleyball

Our womens indoor volleyball league (Competitive level) plays on Thursday nights during our indoor volleyball season.  This womens volleyball league attracts some of the best female players from across the region.   Having all these talented players from the Niagara Region grouped together in one place makes for excellent games and match-ups!  Many of these women…

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About Niagara Sport & Social Club:  NSSC is a proven leader in providing organized sports leagues in Niagara.  We focus on events that are fun and enjoyable for adults in Niagara Region.  Currently, we are specializing in beach volleyball leagues, indoor volleyball leagues (also known as court volleyball leagues), spikeball and cornhole leagues.  Niagara Sport…