Beginner’s Guide to Volleyball Rules

Tips to help you Learn To Play Volleyball:

So, you’re interested in volleyball.  Maybe you have a sibling who plays, or have just seen a couple of fantastic matches on TV.  A sport and social club is a great place to get started in the world of volleyball, and while each club has its own particular set of in house (or on beach) rules, it never hurts to have a head start on the basics.  At Niagara Sport and Social Club, we cater to enthusiastic players of all levels, but if you want a sneak peek at what’s to come—or are a veteran in need of a little refresher—here are the basic rules to the game to help you learn to play volleyball:

The Basics:

The standard volleyball team consists of six players, three standing in the front and three at the back.  The two teams face each other across the net, and one player serves the ball each turn.  The server rotates throughout the team, so everyone gets a chance to try out different skills.

After the serve, the team has a maximum of two extra hits on the ball before it must go over the net.  That’s a total of three hits per side.  No one player can hit the ball twice in a row.  You cannot catch, hold onto, or re-serve the ball.  If the ball hits the net on the serve, but still goes over, it is still in play. Technically, any part of the body can be used for a legal hit.  If you have fancy kick moves, come show them off!

The ball is considered “in” even if it lands on the line, similar to tennis.  The ball is “out” if:

  • It hits the floor completely outside the lines
  • In indoor play, it hits the ceiling above an area not on the court (above the stands etc.)
  • It hits the antenna, cord or cables of the net
  • It hits the referee

Once the ball is in play, the front row players can move around as long as they stay on the right side of the net.  These are the very bare basics.  When you come to Niagara Sport and Social Club, we know you’ll have plenty more questions about the nitty gritty details and about which plays are best for different situations.

Have FUN!

That’s why we have several different leagues and play environments so that each new player can find their place to thrive.  Because we want you to have the very best experience with volleyball that you possibly can, we strive to have an inclusive and welcoming environment.  Beyond the basic rules of the game, at NSCC we do not allow any non-sportsmanlike conduct on or off the courts.  Our number one priority is providing a fun and safe place for players of all levels.  We hope these rules and tips help you learn to play volleyball in our fun leagues!

For more information about volleyball, the Niagara Sport and Social Club, or our upcoming Fall League and tournaments, contact the NCSS today!