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How To Meet New People In Niagara! Plus Other Health Benefits of Volleyball
Wonder how you can meet new people in Niagara?  Volleyball is not only a great way to meet new people and have a good time; the sport can also be beneficial to your health. An exciting social activity that can be played indoors or outdoors, volleyball is a versatile sport that’s enjoyable for players of any skill and experience level. Here is some more information about how volleyball can help keep you active and fit.

Calorie Burner
Volleyball requires a lot of quick and agile movements. Because it keeps you on your toes, volleyball is a great way to burn calories, which can help facilitate weight loss and help you to maintain your goal weight. According to the Harvard Medical School, the average person burns between 90 to 133 calories during a half-hour game of volleyball depending on their weight.

Shapes and Tones the Body
The movements involved in volleyball will help to build strength in your upper body, arm and shoulders, as well as shape and tone muscles in your thighs, calves and abs. Volleyball is a fun and lively alternative to traditional aerobics or weight training. Get the body you want and have some fun doing it!

Improve Your Agility and Movement
Volleyball is a fast-paced game, and so playing this sport can help you build your movement skills including agility, hand-eye coordination and balance. The technical skills of volleyball such as serving, passing, setting and blocking can all help build your movement abilities.

Keep Your Heart In Shape
Because of the constant motion involved in the sport, volleyball is great for keeping up your heart rate. You can spend the same energy to play a 20 minute game of volleyball as it does to jog for one mile, according to Well Source’s Aerobic Mile Chart. This aerobic workout can improve blood circulation, heart health, and elevate your mood.

Volleyball combines a rigorous workout with fun and engaging activity. At Niagara Sport and Social Club, we offer a number of volleyball leagues, camps, & clinics so you can build your skills while getting the chance to meet new people. Our upcoming summer beach volleyball leagues is a great chance to develop your skills and get a fun summer workout! If your single in Niagara or just looking for a fun way on how new people to met new people. Come play with us at Niagara Sports and Social Club!

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