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Niagara Sport & Social Club is committed to providing organized sports leagues and events that are fun and enjoyable. Giving you an opportunity to meet new people and socialize with friends. 

We create activities to stay active, while also encouraging you to try new sports or old forgotten favourites of the past. Whether you’re a recreational or competitive level player we have the league that is right for you! Our goal
is to provide experiences that promote the healthy and active lifestyle of participants in the community of Niagara one social activity at a time! 

Everyone is welcome and we look forward to having you join us, let the good times begin!

Where Games are Played and Friends are Made!
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Written by Kailey Preece on Sept. 26th 2019
Where Friends are Made :

All of my strongest friendships have started on a volleyball court. After going away to University, I was nervous about coming back to Niagara, and needing to make new friends; as most of my old friends had moved away, and my university friends all lived in the USA. Not long after returning to Niagara I was contacted by Kerby from Niagara Sport & Social Club and I was asked to play on a women’s competitive team with a few other players. It didn’t take long for me to make some new friends on the court. One of those has become one of my best friends for the past 7 years, and since then our circle has grown a whole lot. I now am surrounded daily by 5 of the strongest, smartest, kindest women I have ever met, and I am grateful every day that I have them to turn to, and grateful for NSSC for bringing them into my life!

I eventually went on to play in other divisions and tournaments as well, and once again made a whole other group of amazing friends, and eventually, those groups became one, and time spent together is no longer just in a gym. From barbecues to hiking, indoor and beach volleyball, we have built friendships that will last a lifetime. I no longer see them as friends, I just see family! My experience is just like many others, Steven Stanway, a fellow NSSC player has had a fantastic time in the four years he has spent playing volleyball at NSSC. He says, "The first time I played at NSSC it was at a tournament and I remember it well! The atmosphere was so much different than anywhere else. Everyone was friends. Laughing, and joking around on and off the court. It was a great time, and I ended up joining the leagues right after that." Stanway has found benefits for both his body and his social life, "I think playing sports is a great way to keep active and healthy, but playing at NSSC has influenced my life in such a positive way that I never could have predicted. I've made so many good friends, even watched people get married after meeting there! 
Originally I came for the volleyball but I stayed for the great community." 

Vanessa Voth has also been greatly impacted by her experience at NSSC. “Volleyball at NSSC has influenced my life very positively, it has kept me active which has helped me not only by keeping my body healthy, it has also helped me mentally. Playing gives me an outlet from every day and work stress,” she says about NSSC’s impact on her health. "I have found my most amazing and loyal friends at NSSC. Every day we go to volleyball, we get to know more people, get to play with new people and our social group grows. After we go out as a group for food and drinks,” Voth says about the relationships she has built from the court. After being asked if she was nervous playing with new people her first time out Voth said, "Yes, but the one thing I have learned is that playing as a team with strangers makes you friends in the end." 

It is never too late to meet new people; it is never too late to make new friends. If you have ever considered joining a sport, whether it's recreational, intermediate, or competitive, take the leap, you never know who you might meet!  

Written by Kerby Bentley on Sept. 12th 2019
Women’s Competitive Volleyball Leagues :
Our women’s indoor volleyball leagues are mainly at a competitive level. This Thursday night women’s volleyball league attracts some of the best female players from across the region. Having all these talented players from the Niagara Region grouped together in one place makes for excellent games and match-ups! Many of these women have played competitively on their respective high school, club, college or university volleyball teams. Most of the teams in our women’s indoor volleyball league run a 5-1 or 6-2 offensive system. 

A 5-1 system feature one setter running the offense from all rotations and setting the other five remaining hitters. I

n a 6-2 offensive system, two players that play opposite of each other in the rotation to allow the opposite player to set when they rotate into the three backcourt positions 1, 6, and 5 and vice-versa when the opposite player rotates into the backcourt. These two players setting from the backcourt and also hitting when they rotate up into the front-court to join the remaining four hitters. This means all six players on the court get an opportunity to hit throughout the duration of the game. All six players hit and two of them set from within the team.

The central location at the Rex Stimers Arena in St. Catharines allows players to easily get to the 4 – court volleyball facility from any of the major highways. This is one of the best volleyball specific facilities in Ontario to play in! The Canadian Women’s Youth National Volleyball Team just used it as their training facility this past weekend so you know the volleyball courts are great! Players look forward to this league due to the high level of competition and the quality of volleyball equipment and courts. 

Players in our women’s competitive league have experience playing at a higher level. This volleyball league also has an additional social benefit of playing alongside our men’s competitive volleyball league as well. This adds more teams to socialize and gather within pre or post-game activities. This year our Thursday night women’s volleyball league sold out within 3 days!

All matches are the best 3 games out of 5. Most games typically will run 4 – 5 games a match. 
Our women’s volleyball leagues run for 20 weeks starting in October!   
Cash prizes at the end of the season! 
 You can register for our leagues here: Click Here To Register! 
Written by Kerby Bentley on Sept. 1st 2019
Coed Indoor Volleyball:
Our adult coed volleyball leagues have multiple skill levels to choose from. Our first level of play is our fun coed recreational volleyball league. Our rules for forming a team state a minimum of one female and no more than three males on the court at a time. This allows a wide variety of possible team combinations to be formed to encourage gameplay without forfeiting the match. Most teams in our league will have the typical three men and three women on their team. However, this doesn’t stop all women’s teams from joining in the fun! The next level up from our adult coed recreational volleyball league is our coed intermediate level. Same rules as our recreational leagues for forming teams however, the skill level of play has improved. Teams will typically use more overhand serves. Most teams at this level can consistently pass, set and attack the ball with strength and increased the pace. Our highest level of play for our adult coed indoor volleyball leagues is our competitive level. This level of play will have a change in how teams are formed. Our coed competitive leagues use what’s called a 4-2 format. A 4-2 format, consists of four men and 2 women on the court. This is a very fast-paced level of play reserved for our high intensity and skilled players. Most teams will overhand serve and jump-serve to begin play. Most teams will run a 5-1 offensive system with one setter running the offense from all rotations and using the remaining five players for passing and attack formations. Players at this level typically play in our competitive men’s volleyball league or women’s volleyball league. Players on these teams have played on their high school teams, volleyball club teams, college or university school volleyball teams. Our coed indoor volleyball leagues play out of your choice of two locations. In St. Catharines we play out of our 4-court volleyball facility at the Rex Stimers Arena located at 8 Gale Crescent, St. Catharines, Ontario. Sundays we offer Coed Volleyball Leagues Recreational Level, Coed Volleyball Leagues Intermediate Level, and Coed Volleyball Leagues Competitive 4-2 Format Level. Mondays are our Coed Indoor Volleyball Recreational Level League. Tuesdays are our Coed Indoor Volleyball Intermediate Level League. Wednesdays are our Coed Indoor Volleyball Intermediate Level League. In Welland, we play out of one of the newest high schools in the city at Jean Vanier Secondary School. Mondays we offer Coed Indoor Volleyball Intermediate Level League. Wednesdays we offer Coed Indoor Volleyball Recreational Level League.

All Registration details along with prices for the 20+ week season which also includes a season-end tournament can be found here:
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