Beach & Indoor Volleyball Locations

Our locations:

Indoor volleyball is played at 1100 Niagara Street, Building A, Welland. This building offers high ceilings, nets that are previously set up to the proper height, ref stands, heaters for the cooler months, sport courts, and Mikasa official game balls for each game, as well as a raised seating area that overlooks our courts.  Definitely one of the biggest volleyball locations in Ontario!

Beach Volleyball Locations:

St. Catharines- Port Dalhousie (On The Beach with views overlooking lake Ontario!)

This location offers games for all levels. Poles are permanent and nets are set up by the referees each night before the players arrive to warm up. Mikasa beach game balls are used for all of the games. Our sponsor bar (Scorecard Harry’s) is within walking distance of the games (we are a social club first and foremost, remember?).

Welland- Chippawa Park

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