Tie Breaker

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Niagara Sport & Social Club’s – Volleyball Tie Breaker Procedures

Follow this sequence:

a. When two teams are tied, the tie breaker procedures are applied one after the other until the tie has been broken.

b. When three or more teams are tied, the tie-breaker procedures are applied one after the other until all the tied teams have been ranked.  Do not start over again – continue thru all the tied teams as you continue down the list of procedures.

Example:  This means that if there is a tie among teams X, Y, and Z and procedure “2” is able to determine X as first, Y as second and Z as third, then no further procedures are to be used as the tie is broken.

However, if procedure “2” determines X as first and there is still a tie between Y and Z, then the ranking of the remaining teams will be determined by proceeding to procedure “3” and so on, if necessary.  Do not start at procedure “1” again.  Continue through the order of procedures.

The following tie breaker procedures will be used:
If two or more teams are tied at the end of pool play, the following procedures will be applied, in order:

1.  The team having the best ratio of won/lost matches, considering matches between the tied teams, will be ranked higher.

2.  The Team having the best ratio of won/lost games, considering matches played between the tied teams, will be ranked higher.

3.  The team having the best ratio of won/lost games, considering all matches of the round, will be ranked higher.

4.  The team having the best ratio of points for/against, considering all games played between the tied teams, will be ranked higher.

5.  The team having the best ratio of points for/against, considering all matches played of the round, will be ranked higher.

6.  As determined by the Senior Convenor

The rest of our volleyball league & volleyball tournament rules can be found on our website at: www.niagarasportandsocial.com

Tie Breaker Procedures

The Social Benefits of Sport

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The social benefits of sport are many, especially in the sport of volleyball!  All of my strongest friendships have started on a volleyball court. After going away to University, I was nervous about coming back to Niagara, and needing to make new friends; as most of my old friends had moved away, and my university friends all lived in the USA. Not long after returning to Niagara I was contacted by Kerby from Niagara Sport & Social Club and I was asked to play on a women’s competitive team with a few other players. It didn’t take long for me to make some new friends on the court. One of those has become one of my best friends for the past 7 years, and since then our circle has grown a whole lot. I now am surrounded daily by 5 of the strongest, smartest, kindest women I have ever met, and I am grateful every day that I have them to turn to, and grateful for NSSC for bringing them into my life!  The opportunity to reap the social benefits of sport are there waiting for you.  Just have to put yourself out there and join one of our beach or indoor volleyball leagues at Niagara Sport & Social Club!

I eventually went on to play in other divisions and tournaments as well, and once again made a whole other group of amazing friends, and eventually, those groups became one, and time spent together is no longer just in a gym. From barbecues to hiking, indoor and beach volleyball, we have built friendships that will last a lifetime. I no longer see them as friends, I just see family! My experience is just like many others, Steven Stanway, a fellow NSSC player has had a fantastic time in the four years he has spent playing volleyball at NSSC. He says, “The first time I played at NSSC it was at a tournament and I remember it well! The atmosphere was so much different than anywhere else. Everyone was friends. Laughing, and joking around on and off the court. It was a great time, and I ended up joining the leagues right after that.” Stanway has found benefits for both his body and his social life, “I think playing sports is a great way to keep active and healthy, but playing at NSSC has influenced my life in such a positive way that I never could have predicted. I’ve made so many good friends, even watched people get married after meeting there! 

Originally I came for the volleyball but I stayed for the great community.” 

Vanessa Voth has also been greatly impacted by her experience at NSSC. “Volleyball at NSSC has influenced my life very positively, it has kept me active which has helped me not only by keeping my body healthy, it has also helped me mentally. Playing gives me an outlet from every day and work stress,” she says about NSSC’s impact on her health. “I have found my most amazing and loyal friends at NSSC. Every day we go to volleyball, we get to know more people, get to play with new people and our social group grows. After we go out as a group for food and drinks,” Voth says about the relationships she has built from the court. After being asked if she was nervous playing with new people her first time out Voth said, “Yes, but the one thing I have learned is that playing as a team with strangers makes you friends in the end.” Getting out there and introducing yourself to meet new people and to create new lasting friendships is one of the social benefits of sport. 

It is never too late to meet new people; it is never too late to make new friends. If you have ever considered joining a sport, whether it’s recreational, intermediate, or competitive, take the leap, you never know who you might meet!

Register Today!  www.niagarasportandsocial.com  

The Social Benefits of Sport


Volleyball Terms

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If you’re thinking about starting up a full-fletch volleyball career or perhaps hittin’ the FIVB circuit, it might be useful to learn some volleyball terms, tips, tricks, and lingo volleyball players use on the court. Whether you wanna be an aficionado or simply not a goon, here are some tips to help you fit in with the volleyball scene.  This volleyball jargon is very different from other sports and is fun to use to round other like-minded people.

First, you should decide whether you want to play indoors (also known as court volleyball) or outdoors (also known as beach volleyball or sand volleyball). While my choice is obvious (hello, bikinis!), both styles are very different, but equally as fun. Indoor volleyball is more common, and you have more people on the court – this is not always a good thing. You then need to get the right gear. Make sure you get the right shoes (Mizunos are the O.G.), medium-length socks, kneepads, and ankle braces (active ankle braces are a common choice for volleyball players). It may seem dorky, but you’ll thank me later on this one.

Now you’re all geared up and ready to hit the court. Let’s teach you some skills while learning volleyball terms at the same time! There are three main skills involved with this sport – “passing” or “bumping” (if you say bumping I know you’re a newbie), “setting,” and “hitting” / “attacking” or “spiking” (again, spiking = newbie). There are usually designated playing positions on the volleyball court.  Each specialty positional player will have specific skills and or abilities that best suit that position.  These special positions allow the player with a particular skill set to be the obvious choice of that position within your team.  However, all players must practice and train all skills required for the sport of volleyball as you must be prepared to use all three fundamental skills.  Everyone passes, but the “libero” passes the most. They are the funky one in the different jersey. And I won’t bother teaching you how to pronounce that (lee-bro, li-ber-o, who knows). Setters take the second ball from the passer and set the ball to hitters (or spikers *eye roll*). Each hitting position has its own name too – power / leftside, middle,  and rightside / opposite / offside – to hit uniquely named sets – forty, thirty, quick, one, hut, rip, shoot, pipe, c-ball, a-ball, bic, etc. On the beach, blockers also give out hand signals to tell you the defending back court player as to what kind of block he/she is going to put up against the opponent.  Often a “1-finger” signal means the blocker is going to block the line-shot of the opponet.  The “2-finger” signal means the blocker is going to block the cros-court shot of the oppponet.  Signal in left hand means they are going to use that blocoking assignment when the blocker moves to the left side of the court to block.  Obviously, the right hand signal is the assignment for when the blocker move to his / her right to block the opponent.   You as a digging defender take the opposite shot of your blocking teammate to help cover more court to best protect against your opponent’s attack / spike.  Make sure you ask your teammate what each hand signal means before going out before the play and not during during.

Okay, now that you’ve got the jist of it, you might wanna be prepared here is some of the volleyball terms players might use. Often, it might sound like gibberish (or breakfast?). But in reality, this vernacular will make you sound way cool: spike, tool, kill, float, line, pipe, seam, ace, dig, free, roof, pokey, pepper, pancake, touch, tip shank, six-pack, dink, cobra, rally, side-out and shag.  As you can tell, communication is a big part of the sport. Yes, these volleyball terms are all real, and no you won’t be doing construction. Most important is that you call the ball. When two people are going for the ball, there can be frustrating mix-ups. Nothing is worse than when two people call the ball, and they both think the other person is going to get it and watch the ball fall to the ground! Horrible!  Use these volleyball terms to help you prevent those kind of errors!

Okay, I think you’re set! (get it?! lol) Soon, you’ll find yourself thinking about volleyball at breakfast or setting any kind of spherical object you see.  Hopefully, knowing these volleyball terms will help you better understand the game.

Now it’s time to get out there and play!
Register to play at: www.niagarasportandsocial.com

Volleyball Terms

Beach Volleyball Leagues Near Me

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Beach Volleyball Leagues Near Me?
Yes!  We have lots of beach volleyball leagues near you if you live anywhere in Niagara Region!

What are our Beach Volleyball Leagues all about?
In short, our beach volleyball leagues are about having fun, meeting new people, making friends, and being active. Sounds like a good time to us! However, it is so much more than that. Registering for a league helps you keep a slot open each week to make sure that you are being active and spending time with your friends. This is a great way to not only keep you healthy physically, but mentally as well!

Where are leagues played?
We have 3 beach locations to choose from:
Lakeside Park – Port Dalhousie – St. Catharines
Chippawa Park – Welland
Downtown – St. Catharines
What levels are there to choose from in your beach volleyball leagues?
We offer:
Coed recreational 6’s – Which is your standard 6-vs-6 game
Coed Intermediate 5’s – A faster paced which requires a bit more movement and skills 5-vs-5 game
Coed Competitive 4’s – Lots of action in this well skilled 4-vs-4 game
Men’s, Women’s and Coed Competitive 2’s – Same style of game you see on t.v. while watching the olympics beach volleyball game of 2-vs-2.
How long are games? 
Time slots for volleyball games are an hour and 10 minutes. Games are all best three out of five, the first 4 sets being played  to 21 points, and the 5th set is played to 15. A game must be won by 2 points, and there is no cap.
Do we keep track of our own score?
Nope! we have referees who ref the volleyball game and keep the score, scores will be submitted to the managers and updated to the website for teams to be able to see their record.
How do I know what level to register for?
Here are our recommendations:
-If you haven’t played volleyball past the elementary school level we recommend starting at the recreational level.  It’s meant to be fun and social, play is simple and basic.  A lot of underhand serves, passing, setting and learning to hit the ball (It’s called an “Attack” – you might call it “Spiking” lol).   The skills at this level isn’t as refined as say intermediate or competitive, but there’s lots of hustle and laughs to be had!
-If you played volleyball in high school and have played a bit since, intermediate is likely more your speed, but we understand if you’d prefer to start at recreational and work your way up to intermediate.  The choice is upto to you!
-If you played club/ travel volleyball and or any amount of college or university level, we recommend starting at the competitive level.  The level of play is faster, lots of athletic plays is involved, volleyball skills and tactics will need to be sharp at this competitive level.
If you still are uncertain, that is ok! Feel free to contact us and we can help you figure out which level is right for you!
What if I haven’t played before / what if I haven’t played in a long time?
We encourage players from all levels to participate. We recommend starting at a lower level if it’s been a while, and if you haven’t played ever, start at recreational. Also, we offer coaching, if you’re interested in learning more about the game and would like to excel your level of play faster.
What if I don’t have enough players to make a full team?
You can register as an individual on the website by selecting the beach volleyball league that you would like to play in and we will put a team together for you. If you have friends register as well, you can let us know you’re together so we can put you on a team together.
Where can I register myself or my team?
Still have a question about our beach volleyball leagues? 
Beach Volleyball Leagues Near Me

How To Meet New People

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How To Meet New People In Niagara! Plus Other Health Benefits of Volleyball
Wonder how you can meet new people in Niagara?  Volleyball is not only a great way to meet new people and have a good time; the sport can also be beneficial to your health. An exciting social activity that can be played indoors or outdoors, volleyball is a versatile sport that’s enjoyable for players of any skill and experience level. Here is some more information about how volleyball can help keep you active and fit.

Calorie Burner
Volleyball requires a lot of quick and agile movements. Because it keeps you on your toes, volleyball is a great way to burn calories, which can help facilitate weight loss and help you to maintain your goal weight. According to the Harvard Medical School, the average person burns between 90 to 133 calories during a half-hour game of volleyball depending on their weight.

Shapes and Tones the Body
The movements involved in volleyball will help to build strength in your upper body, arm and shoulders, as well as shape and tone muscles in your thighs, calves and abs. Volleyball is a fun and lively alternative to traditional aerobics or weight training. Get the body you want and have some fun doing it!

Improve Your Agility and Movement
Volleyball is a fast-paced game, and so playing this sport can help you build your movement skills including agility, hand-eye coordination and balance. The technical skills of volleyball such as serving, passing, setting and blocking can all help build your movement abilities.

Keep Your Heart In Shape
Because of the constant motion involved in the sport, volleyball is great for keeping up your heart rate. You can spend the same energy to play a 20 minute game of volleyball as it does to jog for one mile, according to Well Source’s Aerobic Mile Chart. This aerobic workout can improve blood circulation, heart health, and elevate your mood.

Volleyball combines a rigorous workout with fun and engaging activity. At Niagara Sport and Social Club, we offer a number of volleyball leagues, camps, & clinics so you can build your skills while getting the chance to meet new people. Our upcoming summer beach volleyball leagues is a great chance to develop your skills and get a fun summer workout! If your single in Niagara or just looking for a fun way on how new people to met new people. Come play with us at Niagara Sports and Social Club!

Register to play volleyball online at:  www.niagarasportandsocial.com

How To Meet Someone New

How To Play Volleyball

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How To Play Volleyball:  Indoor Volleyball 101 Basic Beginner’s Guide (part 1)

Are you looking for a fun and exciting way to meet people your own age in the Niagara Region? Does a sport that requires team play, conditioning, strength, and a sharp mind sound like fun to you? If so, joining an indoor volleyball is a great way of socializing, staying active, and getting in great shape. This guide will cover everything from how to spike to how to be a good team player. Don’t worry if you’re a beginner, you’ll be ready to join in no time…

You don’t have to be a professional beach volleyball player or a beach bum in California to realise how popular the game is these days. People of all ages inspired by epic Olympic clashes of the world’s best are signing up in droves to join indoor volleyball leagues. If beach volleyball is the young, brash cousin, indoor is the seasoned, grizzled veteran—calculating, quiet, and confident, it knows who the boss really is!

As the Niagara Region’s leading league (we have over 120 indoor volleyball teams in our leagues!), we are happy to help people in the area learn how to play this game and join in the fun.

How to Play: The Basics
For a game that is as gritty, demanding, and nuanced as indoor volleyball, the basics are fairly easy to grasp. Here’s what you need to know:

The game is played with two sets of six players on each side of the net. Players are divided into two groups—three up front and three in the back. As a recreational league, Niagara Sport and Social Club offers men’s, women’s, and co-ed games for all to enjoy.

By the way: Don’t worry if you’re a beginner and you don’t want to get in over your head. You get to select your league based on various skill levels, so you don’t have to worry about mixing it up with the pros (yet!).  Our recreational level is our entry level of play with players learning how to progress from underhand serves to overhand serves, practicing getting all three main contacts / skills of play (pass, set, & attack / spike ) per rally and off of receiving a serve.  If our rec league sounds too easy for you then our next level up from rec is our intermediate level.  In our intermediate level leagues, keeping the ball in play is more consistent.  Serves are majority overhand at this level and most teams can confidently and can consistently pass, set, & attack well and with pace on the hit.  Finally, our top players looking for advanced level of play can be found in our competitive level leagues.  Our competitive indoor volleyball leagues offer some of the best volleyball in the region of Niagara and Ontario.   Players here have a strong background in the sport and with the skills to match.  Serves are majority overhand and / or jump-serves.  Teams run offensive & defensive systems and can attack the ball with significant level of pace.  Hopefully, these descriptions can help you best choose the level of league play that is best for you.

When a team wins a rally, they score a point. The game is started by a player serving the ball over the net from behind the line and into the area of play. Now the rally has begun!  Keep the ball from touching the floor or deflecting off of you and / or your teammates to an unplayable area is the main object of the game while you and your team try to do the opposite to your opponent location on the other side of the net.  Keep in mind if the ball lands on the line it is considered in play for your purpose of scoring.

  • Each team gets a maximum of three contacts (touches) before the ball has to be returned
  • A player can only hit the ball once before another must touch it
  • A touch-off of the your teams block onto your side isn’t considered as a contact for your team in indoor volleyball.
  • Players can go out of bounds to hit the ball but the ball cannot touch your opponents side or lines of the court.

 You can score a point in any of these ways:

  • The ball touches the ground in your opponent’s area
  • The ball touches your opponent and deflects out-of-bounds / unplayable.
  • Your opponent hits the ball out of bounds
  • Someone from the other team touches the net
  • A player’s foot crosses the net to your side

You should know: In volleyball, players “rotate”. That means once you win the serve, players rotate clockwise a position. This way, everyone gets a chance to serve!

Winning the Game
Rules and regulations vary on when the game ends, and sometimes you can even just make an agreement with friends, but the standard for indoor volleyball leagues winning the game is:

  • First to 25 points wins the match, must win by 2 points – no ties!
  • Best three out of five wins the game. Our leagues we play all 5 games so looks of games to play!
  • The final game if needed is played to 15, switch sides at 8 points to make things even between teams, must win by 2 points – no cap!
  • You must win by two points (I.E, 26-24 is a victory but 25-24 is not)

Joining an indoor volleyball league is a great way to meet friends (most of our players are between the ages of 20-50), stay in great shape, and learn great skills.  Hopefully, this guide helps you get a better understanding to how to play volleyball in our leagues and what to expect in the various levels we have to offer in our volleyball leagues.

Are you ready to get deeper into this great sport? Check out part two in the series!

To Register for our Indoor Volleyball Leagues

Go To:  www.niagarasportandsocial.com

How To Play Volleyball

Play Volleyball

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Looking to play volleyball, but don’t have a full team to register with? You can register as an individual. Here is how individual registration works.

How do I register? 
Select the night of the week that you would like to play. Select individual registration. Fill out your information to sign a waiver and pay for your spot. Your part is done!
What happens next?
We at Niagara Sport & Social Club create a team out of players who have registered for the same night of the week as you. You will be assigned to a team before your first night of play!
How do I know who is on my team?
The day of your first game we advise showing up a bit early. Your teammates will be on the same court, and the referee will help you find each other. Introduce yourself and off you go!
How can I lower the costs to play?
If you can find others to join you to form a team you can register as a “Team Registration”  You will notice the team registration is a set price which doesn’t change the more players you add to the team.   The more players you add the more you can divided the team registration fee between!  Thus, lowering the costs for all you players.   Some ways to find help you find others to play:  Post in your Facebook status “Looking For A Few More Players To Join My Volleyball Team!  Who’s In?!”  Also reach out to co-workers, neighbours, relatives etc to help you find the players you need to get you started!
What if no one else registers for my team? 
We will contact you and offer you another night of the week or another location where we can create a team for you. If none of the options work for you, we offer a full refund, however we always do our best to get you on the court with a team!
To play volleyball in our leagues, all registrations are done online at: www.niagarasportandsocial.com
If you have any other questions about our leagues and how individual registration works please contact us at play@niagarasportandsocial.com
Beach Volleyball League Port Dalhousie

Coed Indoor Volleyball Leagues

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Our adult coed indoor volleyball leagues have multiple skill levels, evenings and locations within Niagara to choose from! The first level of play is our fun coed recreational level volleyball league. Our rules for forming a team state a minimum of one female and no more than three males on the court at a time. This allows wide variety of possible team combinations to be formed to encourage game play without forfeiting the match. Most teams in our league will have the typical three men and three women on their team.  However, this doesn’t stop all women’s teams from joining in the fun!

The next level up from our adult coed recreational volleyball league is our coed intermediate level. Same rules as our recreational leagues for forming teams however, the skill level of play has improved. Teams will typically use more overhand serves. Most teams at this level can consistently pass, set and attack the ball with strength and increased pace.

Our highest level of play for our adult coed volleyball leagues is our competitive level. This level of play will have a change in how teams are formed. Our coed competitive leagues use what’s called a 4-2 format. A 4-2 format, consists of four men and 2 women on the court.  This is a very fast paced level of play reserved for our high intensity and skilled players.  Most teams will overhand serve and jump-serve to begin play.  Most teams will run a 5-1 offensive system with one setter running the offense from all rotations and using the remaining five players for passing and attack formations.  Players at this level typically play in our competitive men’s volleyball league or women’s volleyball league. Players on these teams have played on their highschool teams, volleyball club teams, college or university school volleyball teams.

Our coed indoor volleyball leagues play out of your choice of two locations. One location is Welland, Ontario & the other location is in St. Catharines, Ontario.

In St. Catharines we play out of our 4-court volleyball facility at the Rex Stimers Arena located at 8 Gale Crescent, St. Catharines, Ontario.

Here are some of our coed indoor volleyball leagues we have to offer:

Sundays Coed Recreational Level Volleyball League.
Sundays Coed Intermediate Level Volleyball League.
Sundays Coed Competitive 4-2 Format Level Volleyball League.

Mondays is our Coed Recreational Level Indoor Volleyball League.

Tuesdays is our Coed Intermediate Level Indoor Volleyball League.

Wednesdays is our Coed Intermediate Level Indoor Volleyball League.


In Welland we play out of one of the newer high schools in the city of Welland located at Jean Vanier Secondary School.

Mondays we offer Coed Intermediate Level Indoor Volleyball  League.

Wednesdays we offer Coed Recreational Level Indoor Volleyball League.

All our coed indoor volleyball leagues include a 20+ week season which also includes a season-end tournament.  Our coed leagues also feature playing all 5 games a night per match!   This is a huge value add when compared to anyone else, it basically equates to 1.5 hours of play each week against great levels of scaling competition throughout the duration of the indoor volleyball season!

To register for our leagues click: Indoor Volleyball Leagues

Coed Indoor Volleyball Leagues

Womens Indoor Volleyball

March 29th, 2020 by

Our womens indoor volleyball league (Competitive level) plays on Thursday nights during our indoor volleyball season.  This womens volleyball league attracts some of the best female players from across the region.   Having all these talented players from the Niagara Region grouped together in one place makes for excellent games and match-ups!  Many of these women have played competitively on their respective high school, club, college or university volleyball teams.

Most of the teams in our womens indoor volleyball league often run a 5-1 or 6-2 offensive system.   A 5-1 system feature one setter running the offense from all rotations and setting the other five remaining hitters.   In a 6-2 offensive system, two players that play opposite of each other in the rotation to allow the opposite player to set when they rotate into the three backcourt positions 1, 6, and 5 and vice-versa when the opposite player rotates into the backcourt.   These two players setting from the backcourt and also hitting when they rotate up into the front-court to join the remaining four hitters.  This means all six players on the court get an opportunity to hit throughout the duration of the game.  All six players hit and two of them set from within the team.

The central location at the Rex Stimers Arena in St. Catharines allows players to easily get to the 4 – court volleyball facility from any of the major highways.   This is one of the best volleyball specific facilities in Ontario to play in!   The Canadian Womens Indoor Volleyball Youth National Team just used it as their training facility this past summer so your know the volleyball courts are great!  Players look forward to this league due to the high level of competition and the quality of volleyball equipment and courts.  Players in our womens indoor volleyball league have experience playing at a higher levels like club, college, university etc.  Making it one of the most competitive women’s leagues in the Niagara Region.

This womens indoor volleyball league also has an additional social benefit of playing along side our mens indoor competitive volleyball league as well.   This adds more teams to socialize and gather with in pre or post game activities.

All matches are the best 3 games out of 5.  Most games typically will run 4 – 5 games a match.  Our womens indoor volleyball leagues run for 20 weeks starting in October!

All our womens volleyball leagues win cash prizes at the end of the season! This year our Thursday night womens indoor volleyball league sold out within just 3 days!

Click Here To Register Your Womens Indoor Volleyball Team!

Womens Indoor Volleyball League


March 29th, 2020 by

About Niagara Sport & Social Club:  NSSC is a proven leader in providing organized sports leagues in Niagara.  We focus on events that are fun and enjoyable for adults in Niagara Region.  Currently, we are specializing in beach volleyball leagues, indoor volleyball leagues (also known as court volleyball leagues), spikeball and cornhole leagues.  Niagara Sport & Social Club is seen as a leader in the sport of volleyball in Niagara and across the province of Ontario.  Servicing just about 8500 local members makes Niagara Sport & Social Club one of the largest sports organizations in Niagara.  In addition to our leagues, we also offer a wide variety of volleyball tournaments in which we are hosts to thousands of more visitors yearly!  Our volleyball tournaments range in style, level of play, and service a wide range of demographics from youth to adults!  Our leagues and rules are designed to maximize play while also encouraging player development with ample amounts of playing opportunities.  All our leagues have a league coordinator on site along with minor officials for all games.  Our activities are fun, safe & encourage a active & healthy lifestyle.  It’s a great way to meet new people and socialize with friends in fun way.  The leagues are designed to accommodate all levels of playing abilities whether you’re a recreational, intermediate or competitive level player we have the league that is right for you!  Everyone is welcome to join!

“Where Games are Played & Friends are Made!” – Niagara Sport & Social Club

To Register For Our Leagues, Camps, Clinics, & Tournaments Please Visit our Homepage at: www.niagarasportandsocial.com

Play with us & find out what all the hype is about!  You will notice the difference in the quality of leagues that we offer!

About Niagara Sport & Social Club