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Niagara Indoor & Beach Volleyball Leagues

Niagara Sport & Social Club offers indoor and beach volleyball competitive and rec leagues for adults across Ontario. Join the fun and get fit this season no matter your skill level. All of our the events are fully equipped, full of fun and sociable people, and are followed by post-game festivities to celebrate a game well played.

Beach volleyball in Niagara is truly a sport for all ages skill and competition levels. We also offer a season end tournament which is open to all. The Niagara Region has one of the most vibrant volleyball cultures in all of Canada, and plenty of games are out there for rookies and veterans alike! Play some drop-in volleyball at anytime in any of our volleyball locations.

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    One of the most important building blocks to any sport, not just volleyball, is teamwork. At Niagara Sport & Social Club, our passion is volleyball — a sport dependent on the cooperation of a team. With even one out of six players feeling left out, the entire game can be at stake. At Niagara Sport and Social Club, we encourage teamwork at all levels of sport.


    If you’ve ever played a team sport, you understand the importance of sportsmanship. Sometimes, when missing the ball, or shooting into the net, it’s hard to keep a smile on your face. At Niagara Sport & Social Club, we encourage all of our athletes to keep a positive, healthy attitude towards their game. Playing clean and fairly are paramount to the success of sports.


    There is nothing more heart-warming than seeing team members linking arms and flashing smiles after losing a big game. Resilience is an important part of playing a sport, and one we strongly believe in at Niagara Sport & Social Club. One sad or negative player can bring the whole team down—that’s why it’s important to keep your chin up, no matter the score.


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