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Youth Volleyball

At Niagara Sport & Social Club we offer a few different options for youth volleyball programs. We love running volleyball programs for kids in Niagara, and the surrounding area. This past fall we launched our indoor youth volleyball academy. We were proud to have gone from coaching 8 kids two years ago to over 200 now! Our program's quick growth was a testament to the fantastic coaches we have brought in. Our coaches are fun, energetic, and full of volleyball knowledge!

The Niagara Sport & Social Club Indoor Youth Volleyball Academy is a 1.5 hour program. The program occurs every Sunday for 20 weeks.  At our facility we provide all equipment needed to play, players are encouraged to wear athletic footwear and clothing, along with knee pads.
In each session players are split up into courts based on their level of play. We start with the basics, and break down the sport to ensure that all players have the necessary fundamentals before we begin any game play. The players who progress to the advanced groups get to spend the end of the session in a simulated game-like scrimmage.
Our goal is to always teach players all the basics starting with forearm passing (bumping), setting (volley), and serving. Then we move on to attacking (spiking), and jump serving, formation, defence, court awareness, and even offensive plays. Players can start the youth volleyball program as young as 10 years old, and can continue with the youth volleyball program through 16 years old.
In addition to this fantastic indoor program we are now offering a youth beach volleyball program. This program will be similar to our indoor youth volleyball program. The program broken down by age group. Younger age groups focus mainly on skill development and learning the basics and the sport, the older players start with some skill development and transition half way through the session to games.
If you are interested in volleyball training for your child in Niagara, St. Catharines, Lincoln, Welland, Fort Erie, and beyond, look no further! We have plenty of options to choose from! Register for our here: Youth Volleyball Training programs.  You can also email us at any point if you have any other questions regarding any of our youth programs!

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