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Womens Indoor Volleyball League

Our womens indoor volleyball league (Competitive level) plays on Thursday nights during our indoor volleyball season.  This womens volleyball league attracts some of the best female players from across the region.   Having all these talented players from the Niagara Region grouped together in one place makes for excellent games and match-ups!  Many of these women have played competitively on their respective high school, club, college or university volleyball teams.

Most of the teams in our womens indoor volleyball league often run a 5-1 or 6-2 offensive system.   A 5-1 system feature one setter running the offense from all rotations and setting the other five remaining hitters.   In a 6-2 offensive system, two players that play opposite of each other in the rotation to allow the opposite player to set when they rotate into the three backcourt positions 1, 6, and 5 and vice-versa when the opposite player rotates into the backcourt.   These two players setting from the backcourt and also hitting when they rotate up into the front-court to join the remaining four hitters.  This means all six players on the court get an opportunity to hit throughout the duration of the game.  All six players hit and two of them set from within the team.

The central location at the Rex Stimers Arena in St. Catharines allows players to easily get to the 4-court volleyball facility from any of the major highways.   This is one of the best volleyball specific facilities in Ontario to play in!   The Canadian Womens Indoor Volleyball Youth National Team just used it as their training facility this past summer so your know the volleyball courts are great!  Players look forward to this league due to the high level of competition and the quality of volleyball equipment and courts.  Players in our womens indoor volleyball league have experience playing at a higher levels like club, college, university etc.  Making it one of the most competitive women's leagues in the Niagara Region.

This womens indoor court volleyball league also has an additional social benefit of playing along side our mens indoor competitive volleyball league as well.   This adds more teams to socialize and gather with in pre or post game activities.

All matches are the best 3 games out of 5.  Most games typically will run 4 to 5 games a match.  Our womens indoor court volleyball leagues run for 20 weeks starting in October!

All our womens volleyball leagues win cash prizes at the end of the season! This year our Thursday night womens indoor court volleyball league sold out within just 3 days!

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