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Womens Beach Volleyball

Our womens beach volleyball league offer the best level of competition in the region. Many of our female players are advanced level players (in the competitive division) which creates some great rally opportunities and fantastic games.

Womens beach 2's (2 players versus 2 players)  volleyball is one of our most popular leagues, selling out quickly each year. We use mostly traditional beach volleyball rules, but have incorporated a couple of indoor rules such as allowing the first receiving contact to be a volley off of a serve. This is to help indoor players who are transitioning to beach and not quite familiar to the different rules of beach volleyball. We like our players to be able to transition back and forth between indoor and beach volleyball without too many drastic changes to improve athlete skill development.

The womens 2's league is played at our downtown location at 16 Melbourne Ave. St. Catharines. Nets and courts are set up and balls are provided. Games are best 3 our of 5 sets to 21 (5th to 15). Downtown courts have a great social atmosphere with music playing and a bar with food and drinks just upstairs.

For our rec and intermediate level players looking to register their womens beach volleyball team please keep in mind that an all women team can play in any of our coed volleyball leagues as well!  Many of these all female teams have done very well in our coed leagues and continue to play year after year.  Playing in our leagues is a great way to keep in touch with your friends on a weekly basis while getting out for an evening of activity as well!  Sports leagues are important for socialization with your peers, you deserve a night out!

Womens indoor volleyball league is also one of our quickest leagues to sell out. The women's (6 players versus 6 players) is a competitive division, many females in the league have played in high school, club, and College or University, and some have played and improved in our leagues enough to play at the competitive level.

The women's indoor volleyball league is played at our St. Catharines location at 8 Gale Cres. The facility has high ceilings and high quality equipment, including balls that are provided. Games are best 3 out of 5 sets to 25 points (5th set to 15). Our downtown location is a short walk or drive from our sponsor bars which helps making socializing before and after games easy.

Click Here To Register for our Womens Beach Volleyball League players can register with a team.

If you don't have a team you can register as an individual and we help to build a team.

You can register for a women's volleyball league at

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