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Beach Volleyball Leagues Near Me

Beach Volleyball Leagues Near Me?
Yes!  We have lots of beach volleyball leagues near you if you live anywhere in Niagara Region!

What are our Beach Volleyball Leagues all about?
In short, our beach volleyball leagues are about having fun, meeting new people, making friends, and being active. Sounds like a good time to us! However, it is so much more than that. Registering for a league helps you keep a slot open each week to make sure that you are being active and spending time with your friends. This is a great way to not only keep you healthy physically, but mentally as well!

Where are leagues played?
We have 4 beach locations to choose from:
Lakeside Park - Port Dalhousie - St. Catharines
Sunset Beach - Port Weller - St. Catharines (Youth Beach Volleyball Training Programs) 
Chippawa Park - Welland
Club Italia - Niagara Falls

What levels are there to choose from in your beach volleyball leagues?
We offer:
Coed recreational 6's - Which is your standard 6-vs-6 game
Coed Intermediate 5's - A faster paced which requires a bit more movement and skills 5-vs-5 game
Coed Competitive 4's - Lots of action in this well skilled 4-vs-4 game
Men's, Women's and Coed Competitive 2's - Same style of game you see on t.v. while watching the olympics beach volleyball game of 2-vs-2.

How long are games? 
Time slots for volleyball games are an hour and 10 minutes. Games are all best three out of five, the first 4 sets being played  to 21 points, and the 5th set is played to 15. A game must be won by 2 points, and there is no cap.

Do we keep track of our own score?
Nope! we have referees who ref the volleyball game and keep the score, scores will be submitted to the managers and updated to the website for teams to be able to see their record.

How do I know what level to register for?
Here are our recommendations:
-If you haven't played volleyball past the elementary school level we recommend starting at the recreational level.  It's meant to be fun and social, play is simple and basic.  A lot of underhand serves, passing, setting and learning to hit the ball (It's called an "Attack" -  you might call it "Spiking" lol).   The skills at this level isn't as refined as say intermediate or competitive, but there's lots of hustle and laughs to be had!
-If you played volleyball in high school and have played a bit since, intermediate is likely more your speed, but we understand if you prefer to start at recreational and work your way up to intermediate.  The choice is upto to you!
-If you played club/ travel volleyball and or any amount of college or university level, we recommend starting at the competitive level.  The level of play is faster, lots of athletic plays is involved, volleyball skills and tactics will need to be sharp at this competitive level.
If you still are uncertain, that is ok! Feel free to contact us and we can help you figure out which level is right for you!

What if I haven't played before / what if I haven't played in a long time?
We encourage players from all levels to participate. We recommend starting at a lower level if it's been a while, and if you haven't played ever, start at recreational. Also, we offer coaching, if you're interested in learning more about the game and would like to excel your level of play faster.

What if I don't have enough players to make a full team?
You can register as an individual on the website by selecting the beach volleyball league that you would like to play in and we will put a team together for you. If you have friends register as well, you can let us know you're together so we can put you on a team together.

Where can I register myself or my team?

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