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Play Volleyball

Looking to play volleyball, but don't have a full team to register with? You can register as an individual. Here is how individual registration works.

How do I register? 
Select the night of the week that you would like to play. Select individual registration. Fill out your information to sign a waiver and pay for your spot. Your part is done!

What happens next?
We at Niagara Sport & Social Club create a team out of players who have registered for the same night of the week as you. You will be assigned to a team before your first night of play!

How do I know who is on my team?
The day of your first game we advise showing up a bit early. Your teammates will be on the same court, and the referee will help you find each other. Introduce yourself and off you go!

How can I lower the costs to play?
If you can find others to join you to form a team you can register as a "Team Registration" You will notice the team registration is a set price which doesn't change the more players you add to the team.   The more players you add the more you can divided the team registration fee between!  Thus, lowering the costs for all you players.   Some ways to find help you find others to play:  Post in your Facebook status "Looking For A Few More Players To Join My Volleyball Team!  Who's In?".   Also reach out to co-workers, neighbours, relatives etc to help you find the players you need to get you started!

What if no one else registers for my team? 
We will contact you and offer you another night of the week or another location where we can create a team for you. If none of the options work for you, we offer a full refund, however we always do our best to get you on the court with a team!

To play volleyball in our leagues, all registrations are done online at:

If you have any other questions about our leagues and how individual registration works please contact us at

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