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Mens Volleyball League Details

The Niagara Sport & Social Club Mens Volleyball League is one of our most competitive, and popular leagues. The league consists of games that are best 3/5 on a weekly basis on Thursday evenings.

The mens volleyball league offers two different divisions, there is a a range of skill levels which allows competitive volleyball players from different backgrounds to thrive in their respective divisions.The range goes from semi-competitive volleyball players, up to former college and university players. 

Every 7 weeks a re-pooling is done bringing the top 2 teams up from the silver division to the gold division, and the bottom 2 teams down from the gold division to the silver division. Running the mens volleyball league this was and re-pooling helps teams to play in the division that most fits their skill level. At the end of the season, a playoff tournament, takes place with team's league records depicting their seeds in the tournament (every team makes the playoff tournament and has a chance to win it all). The tournament itself is also split into a silver and gold division with a prize given to the winning team in each division.

The competitive mens volleyball league runs out of our downtown St Catharines location at the Rex Stimers arena at 8 Gale Crescent (see our post about the Rex Stimers arena to learn more about this location). Although it is competitive volleyball, we encourage players to remember that these games are meant to be fun! Players tend to go out for food and drinks after games, usually to our sponsor bar, Kully's Sports Bar! We at Niagara Sport & Social Club try our best to emphasize the social aspect of volleyball and encourage all players in our leagues to interact and meet new people. The players and referees help to create a friendly environment. If you're a competitive men's volleyball player, we would love to have you out, whether you register your own team, or are looking to join a team by yourself, contact us and we can help to find a spot for you!

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