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Cornhole 101

Cornhole is one of the new sports that we recently added to Niagara Sport & Social Club.  Our cornhole league is the perfect social activity and lets you be active while meeting new people and having a ton of fun. Our outdoor cornhole league runs in the summer and is played outside of Mr. Mikes in St Catharines right on Fourth Avenue. With a bar and a viewable licensed patio within feet from the playing area, Mr. Mikes has become the perfect spot to run our outdoor cornhole league. With cornhole being such a great social activity, having the option to go for food and drinks before and after games makes for an amazing evening with friends and/or family on a weekly basis.

In our outdoor cornhole league, we supply all equipment necessary. We have high quality cornhole boards, bags, and scoreboards, which we regularly maintain and ensure are in top shape for your games. One of our staff at Niagara Sport and Social will always be there before games begin to ensure setup is done correctly with boards at the proper distance apart from each other (27 feet), score cards updated with the right teams on their respective courts, and the bags and scoreboards ready to go.

This winter, cornhole quickly became one of our most popular sports and is continuing to grow. We are committed to continuing to make our leagues better and cornhole is no exception. This is one of the reasons we moved our summer outdoor cornhole league location to Mr. Mikes. This move allows us to further exaggerate our emphasis of the social aspect of the sport, while still maintaining a high-quality playing area for the games themselves. Cornhole is a great sport and we highly recommend you giving it a try. Allowing you to be active, have fun, and meet new people all at the same time creates for a perfect summer-time activity. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us.

You can register for outdoor Cornhole League here!

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